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Terms of Agreement

This page was last updated: 06/10/2019

The Terms of Agreement, or "Terms and Conditions" may be updated at any time and with-out notice.

The community and it's operators, including it's discord channel will be collectively refered to as Battletech.TK

The key-points for all users to follow:

  • You agree to read and abide by the details and guidelines on the page: Getting Started

  • You agree to read and abide by the rules outlined on the page: Community Rules

  • You agree to read and understand the details outlined on the page: Privacy Policy

  • You agree to assist Battletech.TK on it's mission to remain not-for-profit

  • You agree to not use Battletech.TK or take advantage of its members or original content with the intention of making profit or to compete with Battletech, its trade names and it's rightful license owners or its holders.

  • You understand that Battletech.TK offers you no warranties, such as but not limited to: freedom to participate, freedom of property, freedom of expression or accuracy of information.

  • You understand that if you do not agree to participate in good faith, or otherwise agree to any term hear-in that you have the right to not visit Battletech.TK