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Faction Bio Template



1. Powergaming: Owning a faction does not permit you go drop an entire lance of mechs on people's heads! Unless specified for a faction event/plot, you are not permitted to simply throw a large amount of combat NPCs at a problem. For site events, assume your mercenary comrades or etc are off dealing with another problem somewhere else on the planet for the most part! 


2. Faction size: Please be reasonable! A large merc company might have four lances of battlemechs as well as infantry and aerospace support, however, please justify this large size. All that equipment is expensive!


3. Player involvement: As a faction head, you are greatly encouraged to supplement your number with other players! If you do so, you can naturally bring them on events with you!

4. Limited space: For the time being, the application process for factions is open! However, this may change at a later date if we run into an issue where there are too many factions and not enough players to go around! If you cannot make a faction at this time, you may be able to simply make it at a later date!



Here is the breakdown of the faction bio template.

Name: What is the name of your unit/faction?

Creation date: When was the inception of your unit relative to the in-game universe?

Allies: Who is your faction allied with? Great houses, clans?

Hostilities: Who is your faction hostile to?

Current roster: Who is currently enlisted in your unit/faction?

Description: Tell us general details about your unit/faction?

History: What is your unit/factions detailed history?

Service record: What are the key-points of service, wars etc?

You can copy and paste the template below into your faction submission post:


Creation date:



Current roster:



Service record: