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Community Rules

Administrative Action

Here at Battletech.tk we operate a \"three stage\" system, with players moving up the \"stages\" depending on the severity and frequency of their actions. The effect of this is as following:

  1. Stage one: The ubiquitous "knock it off". At this stage, the offending player shall be warned about their actions and the potential consequences should they continue.
  2. Stage two: At this stage, administrative action may be taken against the offending player through means such as forum currency fines, temporary Discord muting, and etcetera.
  3. Stage three: At this point the moderator team will be forced to consider more severe action, up to and including discord and even full permanent forum bans.

Community Rules

  1. Be excellent to each other: Respect your fellow MechWarrior! Actions such as baiting, harassment, bullying or the like whether it is on the forum itself or the Discord will not be tolerated and will be met with appropriate administrative action depending on their severity and frequency.
  2. Cheaters never prosper: Do not attempt to "game" the forum currency system, for example, post farming, and keep your posts above two hundred words if possible. Violations of this rule may result in the ill-gotten forum currency being removed, deduction of further OOC currency or further administrative action should offense continue.
  3. 18+: This site is intended for users aged 18+ due to the mature content and themes frequently discussed and occurring in the Battletech franchise as a whole. If you are found to be under the age of 18, your account may be removed at any time.
  4. Under-aged characters: A hard limit has been set and no characters under the age of 16 shall be approved for RP. However, in a situation such as say a character having a son or daughter you may be permitted to have them appear in a thread as a "side character" of sorts, (examples being light comic relief, providing additional weight and motivation for a character\'s actions, etc) provided that they remain just that.
  5. Romance and ERP: Romantic plot-lines can be fantastic, and can make for excellent, emotional and heart warming stories! However despite the 18+ rating we respectfully ask role-players to \"fade to black\" rather than RP out anything much hotter and steamier than a simple hug and kiss. If appropriate, you may finish the scene privately with your partner before fading back in to resume public RP.
  6. Hot button topics: Conversations regarding things such as politics, religion and etc. that are likely to be controversial are to be kept to their designated Discord channels. You may be asked to move to those channels at any time. If the conversation gets overly heated and degrades into a flame war regardless of channel, see rule one.

Now that you have read the rules, you can continue...