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Solaris Times: The state of the city

Scarcer Super Administrator

Posted on 5 months ago - June 17 2019
Solaris Times: The state of the city
Solaris City is a crock pot of factions, ideologies, tallent and economical influence. The City has had a rough year back in 3062 with the Davion and Lyran loyalists that broke out and flooded the city following Michael Searcy & Victor Vandergriff's championship match. The population struggled to contain the fighting as Com Guard was pulled off the planet.

At the end of 3062, Steiner garrisoned the 17th Arcturan Guards in Solaris to contain the in-fighting.

In 3062, the games were halted through-out the city. The Steiner stadium took some damage, being the epic-center of the riots. Within months it was repaired in time for the 3063 championships.

Street fighting happens periodically and the city carries on with it's bustling day and night life. Business continues as usual, even in anticipation of more large riots in the future.

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