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Battletech 3063 RP

Battletech 3063 RP


12 Nov 19

24 Hours After The Solaris Riots

Thank you for your patience everyone! This is the official end of the Solaris riots event. All event related combat threads are now locked. From here, we will return to free play.

What does this mean?

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23 Aug 19

New website art thanks to Sirdubdub!

A while back I contacted Sirdubdub via Reddit, requesting permission to use his amazing artwork on our site here. We owe him a big thanks for allowing us to show off his hard work on our community here... Read more

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02 Aug 19

RP forums are now visibile to the public.

Finally, prospective new members can now see the RP Forums! When we originally launched Battletech.TK, we wanted to make sure effort was put in by new members to make sure they were serious and put in proper investment to show that they truly...

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31 Jul 19

Congratulations to Dietrich (@reaper kern), welcome to the mod team!

Thanks to Dietrich's attention to detail and extremely high attendance, we are proud to welcome him to the mod team to help create a smoother transition for brand new community members as well as oversee a more accurate timeline adherence for our play by post community! Read more

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18 Jun 19

Solaris Times: The state of the city

Solaris City is a crock pot of factions, ideologies, tallent and economical influence. The City has had a rough year back in 3062 with the Davion and Lyran loyalists that broke out and flooded the city following Michael Searcy & Victor Vandergriff's championship match. The population struggled to contain the fighting as Com Guard was pulled off the... Read more

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02 Jun 19

www.Battletech.tk Grand Opening!

We are excited to publicly announce www.Battletech.tk and invite everyone to join us on threading new adventures. This community first started on the Battletech 3063 Discord and has now matured into a true online community with it's own website.

Please, read the rules, register and begin your journey through the Inner-Sphere with us.
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