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Freyalise "Lynx" Halazzi

Last updated on 3 months ago
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Character image: (COMMISSIONED.)

Name: Freyalise "Lynx" Halazzi

Age: 33

Date of birth: 20/03/3030

Place of birth: Baldur

Personality: Freyalise is a bold, ferocious woman. A lover of a cold drink, and a hot, warm burger. She's not keen on the battlefield, instead finding herself tinkering with her Catapult in the Mech Bays. Let nobody stand between her and her 'mech - She doesn't take too kindly to being told to stay away from her best friend. A loner, she's incredibly slow to trust, but loyal to a fault once her respect has been earned. She's not one to back down from a fight, and ultimately, will probably lead to her death. She's proud to admit she's never bailed on her best friend, and in turn, her allies. Her definition of honor means to never back down from a fight you could win.

History: Tora Halazzi was a reputable, wealthy MechWarrior. A defender of his land, and never refused to answer the call of battle. A little Freya never understood why her father was never home, but whenever he was, she was the happiest girl alive. She loved her father. He'd tell her all the stories about how he saved towns, how the world needs strong people like him... like her. He was never one to shy away from teaching her daughter the tricks of the trade. Some days, she'd sit in the rumble seat, as he piloted his mech - A Shadowhawk SDH-2D. It was a tool of war. She knew this. But she just got such a thrill being up so high. Her father was the best.

So imagine her horror when in an act of cold blood, her father, not even in his mech, was gunned down. On some other planet. An accident, the Free Worlds League exclaimed. His death was a side effect. She didn't believe them. Not for a minute. Something changed in the happy, loving Freyalise that day. When she learned that being invincible, that being told death wasn't possible - was a lie. She enlisted into the military. She proved extremely capable. Not a natural-born genius by any stretch, but one thing was proven time and time again - She didn't miss. She might not get the area she aimed for, but she would at least hit her mark. She graduated in 3052, just after the Battle of Luthien, and a year later, found her way into what would become a livelong relationship with her newfound best friend. A junked up - mostly unsalvagable Catapult. She bought it, and proceeded to spend the next few years getting it up and running. It was an expensive process. It'd seen better days, and until she found a proper Mech Tech that knew their way proper, it would be a finnicky build. But she got it running. After 4 years, she had it working. Not perfectly, but it worked. This was HER mech. And nothing would change that.

She would spend some time afterwards fighting for Kurita, struggling along as a member of the Legion of Vega, where she barely managed to survive. One notable fight was in 3059. One she struggles to speak about. Agematsu. The one thing she's consistent about regarding that drop, was she was all that was left. And her mech should've been scrapped. Her honor wouldn't allow that. She left the Military after that drop - convinced she was sent to her grave, and her survival was nothing short of a miracle. She's a mercenary for hire now. She'll take her Catapult whereever she goes. With one thing that remains stuck in her mind, ever since she was a young girl.

Inventory: One thing she has on her consistently, is a beaten up locket with a photograph of her father.


Faction: Mercenary for hire. Not afraid to join a mercenary group if she believes she could get closer to her goals.

Rank: No Longer Applicable

Service record: 3052: Graduated from the Military
3053: Acquired her Catapult.
3057: Her first official drop with the Legion of Vega.
3059: Retired from Military to persue a freelance mercenary life.


'Mech image: puu.sh/E9ElE/9e089b2b07.jpg puu.sh/E9En3/b81fcdea1c.jpg

'Mech: Freyalise sits in her "Best Friend" - a stock Catapult CPLT-C4.

Battlemech name: Typically, she doesn't give it a true name. She'll often dub it as her best friend, but sometimes she'll mention her father around it.

Loadout: https://mwo.smurfy-net.de/mechlab#i=24&l=91484dc1b69e5499d0091a05c058e05b340e3b83
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