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['EVENT'] Amidst The Chaos

Last updated on 2 days ago
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    New York
From where She was standing, it looked like the City was under attack. Explosions flared in the distance and even up at her lofty perch she could hear the incessant echoes of weapons fire. The riots had triggered earlier than anyone could have anticipated, and they hadn’t been able to move in time. Already, the cities resident Mechwarriors and peacekeeping forces were crushing the assets that had been carefully put in place.But the operation had to go ahead. She glanced at her watch, taking careful note of the second hand. 26...27...28...29…

Bright flashes of blue light lit several key substations all around Black Hills, and one by one entire sections of the district blinked into darkness, For a single, precious moment, there was silence. It was time.

The lances ascended from their quiet, ‘abandoned’ storage bays, 'mech after 'mech carefully moving out from the alleyways and onto the main avenues, the rain pattering on the grey, emblem-less hulls of the Battlemechs. In the dim twilight, through the dark shadows cast by the now powerless skyscrapers, the lance made full speed towards the International Zone.

1st Lance

2nd Lance
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With no reply from Bedlam and Ingrid starting to worry about the enemy contacts, Cortes grit his teeth and advanced upon the newcomers. His IS Targeting Computer helpfully IDed the enemies: An armored Battlemaster, a downgraded Wyvern, an unknown make of Assassin, and a standard Quickdraw. A lance they were out weighed by a good 35 tons. Not ideal, but that was just his life it seemed.
"Enemy Battlemechs. 1 Assault, 1 Heavy, 2 Mediums." He told Ingrid and the ad-hoc lance he was with in general. "Bedlam, harass that Assault. Ingrid, Seyla, pop that Assassin, then team up with Bedlam on the Battlemaster. I'm scraping that Wyvern, then moving on to the Quickdraw."
Having given the orders, Cortes moved to engage. Advancing towards his target, he let rip with all his available weapons: 2x Heavy Machine Guns, ER Small Laser, and of course the RAC/5 that was his mech's primary weapon. Targeting the enemy weapon systems, he peppered the Wyvern with rounds, hoping for a quick kill.
The Rotary gun ripped more than two thirds the armor off the right torso of the enemy machine, the Machine guns taking half the left armor, and the laser only shaving off 1/6th of the center. Cortes cursed quietly and wished he had time to load his LRMs. A good burst would have really helped right now.
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    Reaper Kern #1051
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    New York
Watching her screen as the mech registrations came forth. Gripping her controls a bit hard, she focused herself for the engagement that will ensure follow. Orders from the Roughneck came in to everyone. When she was told that she was to be teamed up with the Blackjack to take down the Assassin, she sighed to herself. “Aff, Seyla moving to engage. Let’s go...Ingrid. We got a 40 tonner to wipe clean.” With her helmet on and her mind linked with the Crab, it lurched forward with it’s pincer’s opened. Going down different streets, she eventually came into position that she was now charging the 2 by 2 formation Lance, and her targeting reticle locked. Pulling the trigger’s, her laser’s began firing.

Battle Log for Crab, Seyla: (With the movement of both herself and target, plus environment: +4, requires 7 high to hit)
Left arm, Large Laser/ Medium Laser
Rolls: (6,5=11; Hit) (6,6=12, hit) 6/3, Left leg. 12 Damage

Right arm, Large Laser/ Medium Laser
Rolls: (5,4=9; Hit) (5,4=9; Hit) 10/8, Right Arm/Center Torso. 7 points of damage to right Arm and 5 points of damage to Center torso.

Center Torso, Medium Laser
Rolls: (4,3=7; Hit) 4, Left arm. 5 points of damage to left arm.

Head, Medium Laser
Rolls: (1,1=2,not critical, Hit) Center Torso. 5 Points of Damage to Center Torso.

Damage on the Assassin: (Starting from upper section then lower sections of the mech)
Right arm: 6 frontal armor gone, 1 internal structure is destroyed. Medium Laser is damaged
Center Torso: 10 Damage done to frontal armor, 2 armor left.
Left arm: 5 damage done to frontal armor, 1 armor left.
Left leg: 12 damage, 6 frontal armor gone, 4 Internal Structure points left. Left leg is Crippled, result: Half of speed
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