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Kyliss Galanis, Duchess of Gallis

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Kyliss is 5 feet five inches, and is somehow both wiry and curvy. She has brown
hair, a round face, and bright eyes that can't ever really seem to hide anything.

Name: Kyliss Galanis, Duchess and Governor of Gallis

Age: 65

Date of birth: october 1st, 2999

Place of birth: Gallis

Personality: Kyliss is largely a person of Moderation and Balance, which lead her to, and reinforces, her buddhist ways. Kyliss somewhat basks in her nobility, being Proud of her heritage and position. However, she is not unduly arrogant or stuck up, because to her, Nobility also includes Kindness, and continually striving to be the best one can be. In that regard, she sees herself as being somewhat buddha-like, since Siddhartha himself came from royalty, on earth long ago.

She is something of a fashionista, liking to look good and having a good clothing style, although she doesn’t go through a seasonal wardrobe style cycle. Some may try to mock Kyliss for not being in the cutting edge of fashion, but she would only rebuke them by saying that their fashion sense does not endure, and that they have neither style nor substance.

Kyliss is very intelligent, and very observant. She is equal parts adaptive and planner, to the point where you can almost hear the cards reshuffle, as she takes things in and observes events unfold.

Kyliss has it in her head that in order to gain respect with all of the other royals (not only other Canopians, but also the rulers of other houses and factions), that she needs a respectable battle proficiency with battlemechs - and a kill count to go with it.

History: Born (intersexed) to Duchess Valeria Galanis and Duke Alec Maestri, Kyliss Galanis was a sickly child, and would have died, if it was not for a certain segment of Comm-Star, who approached the duke and duchess, and made a proposal; they would deploy a Special Federation Medical Ship to Gallis, in exchange for ..... Certain Binding Favors, on down the line. Favors which, if not reciprocated, would lead to very bad things.

Naturally, Valeria agreed, and Alec reluctantly so.

Having survived infancy, Kyliss grew into childhood, and proved herself to be both intelligent, and lucky. As a trade off for her poor health in childhood, she apparently had very good vision and hearing, and fast reflexes. This allowed her to survive assassination attempts, afew of which were in hospitals. One such incident, was when she was a teenager, and in the hospital after she had broken her arm from doing a 3-point superhero landing, because an assassin thought he would have a cakewalk in taking her out by gently pushing her off of a balcony, and then vanishing into the party crowd. The assassin had come in to the ward posing as a doctor, but Kyliss had noticed 3 things about him. Firstly, she noticed that he was far too muscular to be a doctor, secondly, his face, and thirdly, he had a gun. She swiftly dodged close to him, drew his gun, and had him kneeling, when he made a move to try to take the gun, which made her twitch - and headshot him, in the process.
She took interest in the prominence of mechwarriors among the royalty of other galactic nations. Kyliss concluded that, in order to be taken seriously, she also needed to have this same proficiency. To that end, kyliss sought out military training and experience, and soon enough, she grew to be quite adept in sim-pit combat. She developed a preference for small to medium fast mechs, with a decent spread of armaments and jump jets, as well as favoring high speed and high agility tactics.
Soon enough, she was ready to journey towards Galatea to participate in the second line mech gladiatorial games, for awhile.

However, not all would go smoothly, as unknown assassins in star-league era powersuits, attacked her limousine on the way to the spaceport, and most of her bodyguards were mauled and slaughtered. It was only her fast thinking that spurned kyliss to crawl into the driver seat, and use the limo itself as a weapon. She sideswiped two of the power-armored assassins by drifting the limo, and then ran down a third, severely damaging the suit and likely killing the wearer. Unfortunately, all of the assassins got away, with no real trace, and the limousine was totaled, with a bent frame, a snapped axle, spalled armor panels, and other general battle damage.
Upon arriving to Galatea, she was guided to meet with the Mech-council, and was placed into the Hammerstrike mechwarrior mercenary group. At first, she was very off-put by the rough and ready group of mostly men, but, in due time, she adapted, and found her place in the Lance. Eventually, as she became comfortable with being in the Lance, she got to be good friends with one MW in particular, Dietrich Heinz.
Another assassination instance, though not targeting her specifically, was when Death Commandos were trying to abduct Rick after killing their driver in the middle of the street. Kyliss was prompt and adept with her pistols (one energy blaster, and one bolter pistol), and took out a couple of death commando's. When Rick and Detrich were knocked out, she covered them and made sure that no other assassins targeted them.
Soon enough, they were in the hospital, but the rest of Hammerstrike was being questioned, and was charged and was going to be processed. However, they were close to Canopian space, and Kyliss managed to somehow BS her canopian diplomatic immunity to cover the rest of Hammerstrike. They were released from police custody without much incident. Kyliss gave deet some playful guff about the victory cigar, when she visited him in the hospital. Ultimately, she knew that they deserved it, after they all had been ambushed by basically two squads of death commandos and survived otherwise unscathed.

Or the time that their drop ship and most of their mechs, was blown up from planted bombs. Kyliss was furious, not only because of the loss of her at-hand items, but also because it had happened on Canopian soil, and Kyliss regarded it as a lesser act of War towards her. During the months long campaigns after that, since Hammerstrike was commissioned by the Magistracy herself, Kyliss had taken up a Catapult (called Trebuchet) and had become more vicious in mech combat. She pushed herself and her mech to be faster, hit harder, and aim longer. Ironically, it earned her a canopian medal (in the form of a jeweled earring) of consistent bravery in combat against superior enemy forces (the capellans). Unfortunately, this also impacted her health, and for a time, she had to be benched, due to sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and a snapped collarbone, with severe bruising everywhere else.
At the age of 40, Kyliss came to Dietrich was in the Mechbay of the rented dropship working on his Hunchback (called Turm) and pulled him off to the side to tell him that she was pregnant. It was a happy time for her, but also physically rough, as she was a petit androgyne woman. Pregnant, Kyliss was out of the cockpit, and from time to time, Dietrich would also have to help Kyliss with any medical complications that arose.
Inventory: fold-up SMG (in purse or in large pocket), sword, concealed or fancy armor under a elegant outfit.


Faction: Magistracy of Canopus / Hammerstrike
(Has some influences involving Lyran/ House Steiner, due to her marriage with Deitrich Heinz.)
Kyliss also makes a point to be on good terms with the canopian buddhist temples, as she identifies as mostly buddhist.

Rank: Duchess

Service record:



'Mech: Locust LCT-1E

Battlemech name: Royal Strider

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