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Victor Leidolf

Last updated on 2 months ago
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Name: Victor Leidolf

Age: 21

Date of birth: 12.29.3042

Place of birth: Gienah II

Victor is a man who enjoys talking to others and tries to help them out with an issue that they have to the best of his ability. As a technician, word always goes through the bays first before they go through everywhere else in the dropship/ compound/base. And if he hears troubling news or knows something is up, he will be one of the first people there to have someone’s back regardless of the situation. He puts everyone else ahead of himself. Since the day he witnessed his father’s death and the capture of his mother, he had hurt not being able to help them, he had vowed not to feel like that ever again with the people he serves with. One way one can tell if he is getting nerves is the way he talks and how he is working. When nerves, he tends to talk really fast and is running around trying to get multiple things done as fast he can. One of his notable traits, regardless if someone likes it or finds it annoying, If someone is needed for a situation but isn’t there, he will get into the closest ground vehicle/ transport (his Timber Wolf included), Victor will chase them down and retrieve them back. When he isn’t around anyone or isn’t in the mech bays, he can be found at the bottom of a bottle of booze.

Victor was born to the parents that were Star Commander and Mech Scout of Gamma regiment’s Medium Star. With their achievements as Clan Warriors, even more so with his Trueborn father, their was a lot of expectations on his shoulders. And since he was a freeborn, he had much ridicule by the Trueborn Warrior caste. At the age of 12, he had been taken under the wing of one of the mech tech’s as their assistant learning the ropes as to fix and maintain the Omnimechs and BattleMechs that the Regiment used. After a year into his assistant work, his father took him off to the side and pushed him into the regiments spare Timber Wolf. Knowing well enough what this meant, he watched as his dad began to teach him all of the controls and consoles. Showing the basics, his father closed the cockpit and had Victor power up the Heavy Omnimech and went to his own mech, a Mad Dog. Once both mech’s powered up, they walked out of their bays, with Victor stumbling a bit and damaging his bay slightly.

Being drilled hard by the Star Commander because Victor wasn’t catching on quick enough, Victor was yelled at a lot for his misses or glance shots, or times he just wanted to quit the lessons in which case he would get a beating. Two years had come and gone and Victor was getting the feel for a cockpit when he wasn’t busy as a now full fledge tech. But in the year 3058, the Gamma Regiment was assisting the Lyrans as the ARDC against Jade Falcon’s Incursion, this was known as the Battle of Conventry. Both his parents were deployed to scout ahead around their base of operations but were caught off guard by a Jade Falcon light Scout Star. They both sent out a request for back up while trying to fend off the crusaders, but reinforcements came to late to find the destroyed Mad Dog and the badly damaged Kit Fox with his mom missing.

The boy didn’t have time to grieve since the attack on Port St. William was a disaster, many of the Gamma’s mech’s were either bday damaged or destroyed. Salvage crews were bringing in what they could get their hands on into the bays. Scavenging useful parts and refitting them on the still useable mech’s, it took weeks to months to finish up, able to push out a quarter of what was originally sent for the Operation to take the spaceport. It was thanks to the Delta Regiment that it was possible to retrieve what they could. Reports stated that the Falcon’s were sending forces against Leitnerton. Sending what they could to the front lines to aid in the defense, Victor saw and had his first taste of combat along side three other’s from his regiment and the remains of the Lyran Forces. Each of the forces clashed between each other with mech’s and long Tom artillery fire. With lack of training with the artillery that was captured, Jade Falcon was forced to retreat.

After the signing of the Whitting Conference, Gamma Regiment went back to Outreach to take up the mantle of defending the planet while rebuilding on what they lost. For the years that now went on, Victor was grounded and retrained because of his Brute fighting style and from time to time, hesitations during combat. When Gamma’s command saw that he was still being favoring the more Head on approach of strategies and tactics, they convened with the Commanders of Zeta Regiment. After deliberating for a few days, Victor Leidolf was called in and told that he and his mech was being reassigned to Zeta Battalion’s one star that was being rebuilt, to Able Trinary > Delta Star-Provisional under the command of Cpt. Gabriel Snow Sinnett. In late 3062, Victor linked up with his new unit and instantly went to work at the mech bay’s of the dropship maintaining the mothballed mech’s.

TK Enforcer Auto Pistol
Combat Dagger
Cooling vest (inside of the Timber Wolf)


Faction: Clan Wolf-in-exile/ Wolf’s Dragoons

Rank: Mech tech/ Mechwarrior

Service record:
3055; becomes a Mech Technician Assistant for Wolf’s Dragoons Gamma Regiment.

3056; begins training to become a Mechwarrior/Touman, being taught by his Father Star Commander Thomas Leidolf.

3058; becomes a full Mech Tech
Witnesses the death of his Father and his mother being captured by unit’s from Clan Jade Falcon.

3060; is grounded from the Mechs for his highly Aggressive/Brute force tactics while out on patrols and during skirmishes.
Ordered to relearn how Gamma Regiments Warriors strategies and the ways they operate in Urban environments.

3062; After two years since he was ordered, he still showed signs of being a Brute style of Warrior. He and his Timber Wolf is sent and reassigned to the Zeta Regiment. Command decided that he will reinforce the numbers for the Able Trinary > Delta Star-Provisional under the command of Cpt. Gabriel Snow Sinnett.



'Mech: Mad Cat/ Timberwolf (Pryde)

Battlemech name: Sleipnir

Name/Model: Mad Cat/ Timber Wolf (Pryde)
Designer: Catalyst Game Labs
Source(s): Record Sheets: 3050
Record Sheets: 3050 Upgrades Unabridged, Clan & Star League
Technology: Clan
Technology Rating: F
Tonnage: 75
Configuration: Biped OmniMech
Era/Year: Clan Invasion / 3052
Rules (Current): Tournament Legal
Rules (Era): Tournament Legal
Rules (Year): Tournament Legal
Total Cost: 24,483,047 C-Bills
Battle Value: 2,900

Chassis: Endo Steel
Power Plant: 375 XL
Walking Speed: 54 kph
Maximum Speed: 86.4 kph
Jump Jets: Standard
Jump Capacity: 120 meters
Armor: Ferro-Fibrous
2 ER Large Lasers
2 LRM 20s
2 ER Medium Lasers
1 ER Small Laser
Manufacturer: Unknown
Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking: Unknown

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: Endo Steel 4.00
Engine: 375 XL 19.50
Walking MP: 5
Running MP: 8
Jumping MP: 4
Heat Sinks (Double): 16 [32] 6.00
Gyro: Standard 4.00
Cockpit: Standard 3.00
Armor Factor: 230 12.00
Type: Ferro-Fibrous

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head: 3 9
Center Torso: 23 36
Center Torso (rear): 9
R/L Torso: 16 25
R/L Torso (rear): 7
R/L Arm: 12 24
R/L Leg: 16 32

Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Tonnage
ER Small Laser CT 1 0.50
2 Jump Jets RT 2 2.00
LRM 20 RT 4 5.00
LRM 20 (Ammo 6) RT 1 1.00
2 Jump Jets LT 2 2.00
LRM 20 LT 4 5.00
LRM 20 (Ammo 6) LT 1 1.00
ER Large Laser RA 1 4.00
ER Medium Laser RA 1 1.00
ER Large Laser LA 1 4.00
ER Medium Laser LA 1 1.00
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