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Bekwine "Beck" Cortell Springs

Last updated on 2 months ago
Bekwine Springs
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Name: Bekwine "Beck" Cortell Springs

Age: 22 years old

Date of birth: July 3rd, 3041

Place of birth: Lindenmarle, in Canopian space

Personality: Bekwine has spent most of her life on Canopus IV, and thus is no stranger to hedonism. Her motto in life is "Do or die!", or it would be, were she decisive enough to choose a motto. She wants nothing but to pursue her own happiness, something that has tried its very best to elude her throughout her short life, and God give strength to anyone who gets in her way. Reckless, rude, and sarcastic are all ways one might describe Bekwine to someone who has never met her. To strangers she is a menace, but to her friends, it's all consequential to her fierce loyalty towards those she loves and the causes she aligns herself with.

She is a right and proper party animal, with plenty of friends up her sleeve. Where she falls flat is in making deep connections, as her capability to trust someone enough to let them in has been significantly hampered. Her tendency towards panic attacks and her lack of second thoughts lend their hand to substance abuse, violent outbursts, and impulsive decision-making. On the other side of the same coin, these can lead to sudden ingenious ideas, lightning-fast reflexes, and a hard-to-replicate hyper-vigilance—all powerful traits for a warrior.

Her short time in the Magistracy Armed Forces did not have a significant track record beyond an ever-growing series of minor infractions and pay docks. Regardless of her penchant for low-key insubordination, she maintains exceptional skill on the battlefield, although her professionalism on said battlefield is questionable.

History: Bekwine was born on July 3rd, 3039 on the icy planet of Lindenmarle. She had a fairly typical early childhood, if not a little isolated, but she got along well enough. Her parents were both MechWarriors, her mother a Canopian career soldier and her father a freelancer-for-hire. When the clan invasion reached the Inner Sphere in 3050, when Bekwine was only eight, her father traveled all the way to Tharkad as he was hired by the Lyran Commonwealth to fight the steamroll of the initial Jade Falcon invasion. She never saw him again, and was never told what happened to him, but her family's sudden moving to the Magistracy's capital of Canopus IV tipped her off enough as to what truly occurred.

With the endless bustle and abject poverty of living on the family's current budget in the metropolises of Canopus IV, Bekwine quickly became depressed. Her grades began to fail, and her social life began to wilt. The increasingly cruel treatment from her grieving mother is what pushed her over the edge. She played along until she turned sixteen, when she dropped out of secondary school and began working two jobs. She made a small studio apartment on a dodgy street her home base, and spent her weekends partying. By the age of 18, through connections made in and around clubs and other places of debauchery, got involved in the K-Z trade in the black markets of downtown Delphi, where she acquired her first experience with 'Mechs while piloting a Stinger STG-3R as a bodyguard to various traffickers. At this time she also payed for the installation of a pair of cybernetic cat ears, something she later regretted and had removed.

A veteran bouncer of the K-Z scene—an old military man by the name of Tamar—served as a bodyguard alongside her during her three-year tenure. He could see the toll it was taking on her over the years. She had gotten into K-Z herself, among other things, and grew distant and bored. Out of concern for the well being of such a young child, he suggested she put her skills to use on something better: The Magistracy. It was 3062, and Long's Light Lancers had just been absorbed into the Magistracy Armed Forces as the First Magistracy Highlanders, and still had much reformation to do before it functioned as a proper military regiment. Bekwine initially rejected idea, but when reminded of the magical combination of a mercenary's freedom and a career soldier's pay—from the oh-so-wealthy Canopian government, no less—she quit the very next day and enlisted.

It was with the Lancers that she was introduced to Cavalcade, a regimental reject of a 'Mech that needed a pilot willing to take it on. Used to the trash heap of a Stinger she once piloted, she was confident she could undertake the burden, and proved herself fully justified in that confidence during several counter-raids on the Marian Hegemony initiated mere months after the Lancers' full absorption into the MAF.
Her insubordination quickly became too much for the unit to bear, however, and she was honorably discharged on the terms that she never attempt to enlist again. She was glad to oblige, because she had bribed a certain pair of 'Mech-Techs she made good friends with during her service to "forget" Cavalcade on Canopus IV when the First Magistracy Highlanders had shipped out for Detroit in 3063. With a "skillfully acquired" 'Mech at hand, Bekwine began looking for a position with a mercenary unit.


-Enjoys feminine fashion. Partial to dresses and skirts.
-In situations requiring, she opts for black cargo pants and a surplus kevlar vest over a black t-shirt.
-Pencil and notebook
-Mithril Wyrm Personal Vibroblade
-TK Enforcer Semi-Automatic (in situations requiring)
-Flask of miscellaneous alcohol (though partial to rum)
-Small first aid kit
-Wallet with cards and cash


Faction: Independent

Rank: N/A

Service record: Numerous skirmishes defending drug smugglers, three consecutive raids on Marian Hegemony worlds


'Mech: An ancient Thunderbolt TDR-5S, Cavalcade is a product of necessity—a nicer way of saying that it's a hunk of junk. The cost of Large Lasers has forced a Martell Model 5 Medium Laser to take its place. Due to their accessibility in the area, Martell Model 5s have also replaced the Diverse Optics Type-18s that used to occupy the left torso. Lastly, the voided tonnage has been filled with four Pitban LFT-50 JumpJets, a design more ancient than the Thunderbolt itself yet just as reliable. This makes Cavalcade much more mobile overall, but leaves it in an odd niche between higher-speed cavalry 'Mechs and higher firepower line 'Mechs.

Battlemech name: Cavalcade, named in jest for the sheer stupidity of slotting a slow, ancient walking wall into a cavalry role.

Loadout: https://mwo.smurfy-net.de/mechlab#i=114&l=b91bc15ecedf92ed8226fe231c2aca108ab64fc7
The Gauss Ammo represents the four JumpJets.
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