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Masumi Haru

Last updated on 4 months ago
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Name: Masumi Haru

Age: 35

Date of birth: 03.22.3028

Place of birth: Galedon V

Tai-i (Captain) Masumi Haru has been noted that she is cold, quiet, aggressive, Authoritative to her unit where she will punish them with physical harm as she was dealt with during her time in the Galedon Military Academy and doesn’t hold back during a fight. When not around her men and women of her unit, she will be found either working out or drinking at a bar alone being distant.

Masumi Haru was born into a Military Noble House whose House had went through mech’s through out the Centuries from the different skirmishes, battles and wars that the DCMS had been through. When she was born, she wasn’t exactly fully a girl. She had an unbalance to her genetics that caused her to have the shape and figure of a female, but the reproduction organs of a male (hermaphrodite). Since she would be able to pass on the family name and genetics, her family decided to keep her as is and didn’t alter her. Growing up in their noble ranks, she learned and studied the different battles that her family had been part of. Some victories and some losses. Learning how to fight and learning how to maintain a mech, Masumi was a growing jewel in the eyes of her father since she wouldn’t give up, no matter how many times she was knocked down.

When she came of age, she enlisted like her ancestors and family members before her into the DMCS on Galedon V and was sent to the Galedon Military Academy, a school to be known for it’s extremely harsh training and even harsher disciplinary actions that lead to deaths on the planet of Matsuida. Nearly dying a few times on the inhospitable world, Masumi managed to push her body and will through her term in the academy. Graduating with high marks for officer training and her marksmanship, she was placed into the Galedon 2nd Regulars for a year until her and half of the unit was transferred over to the 34th Galedon Regulars that had orders that they were to be attacking back at the Clans for their invasion. Much of her record was deemed classified to keep Draconis Combine Secrets, Battle Plans and High risk Targets hidden. Only thing that will come up upon research on the Captain is the Battles she was in and showing that she had a great deal of her Mechwarrior time fighting clans such as Nova Cat and Smoke Jaguar.

Being awarded different medals/ decorations of her service, she was pointed as Captain and Company Leader of a new Company that was formed around her Lance. Now being part of the The 95th Royal Black Dragoons Company, they were sent back to Galedon V where they picked up two Green rated Lances of mechs, soldiers and armored support attack vehicles. Once their gear was loaded up on the Draconis Dropship DCS Meiyo, they were sent to Al’noir V to help defend House Kurita’s key strategic location of minerals valuable to the war front from raids of supposed allies. When the Company was off loaded, they began skirmishes with Federated Suns and Federated Commonwealth. Defending the facilities from the enemy, they held their ground and was even awarded a new Command mech, a Hatamoto-Chi 28T Shin. With it’s arms recolored to honor her medals as was tradition, they had new orders come in to be sent to Solaris Vll to defend the citizens of the Great House Kurita from the neighbors that were starting riots every now and then. Their dropship landed on the spectacular world that is always raining and known for its Mech Arena’s in the mists of a riot that was boiling up and finally emerged in the streets of the neutral zone, threatening to take the spaceports and the different areas. This is where we pick up on her story.

Draconis Combine Military Uniform with Service Ribbons, Medals and her rank of Captain on the sleeves.
Red Trench coat with the Black Dragon of the Draconis Combine on the back of it.
Officer Sword (Katana) and Wakizashi
Laser Pistol
When not in uniform, Black cargo pants, black belt with the black dragon for belt buckle, black tank top and black combat boots.
Always has a pack of thin but long cigars.
Box of strike anywhere matches.
Thin black sunglasses.
Cooling Vest inside of her mech along with her helmet.
Her military Dog Tag’s
Military grade Combat armor.


Faction: Draconis Combine/ House Kurita

Rank: Tai-i (Captain)

Service record:

3047; Signs up for the DCMS and is put into the Galedon Military Academy (GMA)

3051; Graduates from Galedon Military Academy and is assigned to the 2nd Galedon Regulars. Rank: Go-cho (Corporal)

3052; was transferred over to the 34th Galedon Regulars.
The 34th engages against Clan Nova Cat's 449th and 489th Assault Clusters in the cavern complex on Kanowit. Half of the Regiment was lost when Clan Nova Cat set and detonated explosives in the cavern complex destroying half of it while the Draconis Forces were in pursuit. The remains of the 8th and 34th merge together to make the 42nd Galedon Regulars. Rank upon promotions: Shujin (Master Sergeant) Awarded the Bushido Blade medal.

3053-3059; The 42nd a long with other units across the different Great Houses trains for Operation Bulldog.
Masumi Haru is given a Hatamoto-Chi HTM-28T Shin as part of Operation Bulldog.
Promoted to Chu-i (Lieutenant)

3059; The 42nd leads the attack/charge on the planet of Virentofta as part of Operation Bulldog against.
Engagements begins between the 42nd and Clan Smoke Jaguar. Rank promoted to: Tai-i (Captain)
The First Federated Suns Armored Cavalry, ComStar's Thirty-first Division, Stirling's Fusiliers, and the Northwind Hussars join in the fight.
The remains of her regiment was reformed by Draconis Command to make and be the building blocks of Company unit “95th Royal Black Dragoons” led by the now promoted to Tai-i, Masumi Haru. Her and the remains of her old unit are sent back to Galedon V to pick up two Green ranked Mech lances, a platoon of soldiers, and four light tanks. Awarded the Foundation of Galedon Medal.

3060, The 95th Royal Black Dragoons are sent to the planet of Al Na'ir V to help defend the planet from raids by the Federated Suns/ Federated Commonwealth.
06.02.3060, the Royal Black Dragoons begins skirmishes with the Suns and Commonwealth to defend the mineral facilities. Over the course of two years, the 95th Royal Black Dragoons repel 16 attempts to raid the different facilities.

3062; A ceasefire was put into affect from both sides halting conflicts.
The 95th Royal Black Dragoons is ordered by the DCMS to leave Al Na'ir V and head to Solaris Vll to help defend the Draconis section of the major city due to the riots and hostilities of their neighbors of the different Houses.
09.21.3062; dropship DCS Meiyo lands at Solaris. The 95th begins their patrols and defending their borders of the city.

Mechs Piloted record:
3051-3052: Heavy Battlemech, Dragon. Beyond repair after the battle with Clan Nova Cat.

3052-3059: Heavy Battlemech, Archer.

3059-present: Hatamoto-Chi HTM-28T Shin.



Hatamoto-Chi HTM-28T Shin

Battlemech name: Kotetsu


Hatamoto-Chi HTM-28T (Shin)

Mass: 80 tons
Chassis: Standard Biped
Power Plant: 240 Fusion
Cruising Speed: 32.4 kph
Maximum Speed: 54 kph
Jump Jets: Standard
Jump Capacity: 90 meters
Armor: Standard
1 Gauss Rifle
5 Medium Pulse Laser
Manufacturer: Unknown
Primary Factory: Unknown
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3060
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-E-D
Cost: 9,823,320 C-bills

Type: Hatamoto-Chi
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Tonnage: 80
Battle Value: 2,213

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure 8
Engine 240 Fusion 11.5
Walking MP: 3
Running MP: 5
Jumping MP: 3
Double Heat Sink 11 [22] 0
Gyro 3
Cockpit 3
Armor Factor 247 15.5

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head 3 9
Center Torso 25 34
Center Torso (rear) 16
R/L Torso 17 25
R/L Torso (rear) 9
R/L Arm 13 26
R/L Leg 17 34

Right Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hand
Left Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm

and Ammo Location Critical Heat Tonnage
C3 Computer CT 1 - 1.0
Jump Jet CT 1 - 1.0
CASE RT 1 - 0.5
6 Triple Strength Myomers RT 6 - 0.0
Jump Jet RT 1 - 1.0
Gauss Rifle LA 7 1 15.0
Gauss Rifle Ammo (24) LT 3 - 3.0
CASE LT 1 - 0.5
6 Medium Pulse Lasers LT 6 4 12.0
Jump Jet LT 1 - 1.0
Sword RA 6 - 4.0

Features the following design quirks: Barrel Fists (LA), Easy to Maintain
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Congratulations, you are APPROVED for the RP! We normally prefer it if you use the Smurfy mechlab, however, this is close enough to a canon configuration that we can let it slide.
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