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I have... complicated opinions about character portraits.

Name: Paul Crowe, née Paul

Age: 37

Date of birth: April 8, 3026

Place of birth: South Polar Rookery, Lum

Personality: Paul is a bit of a contradiction. Philosophically and emotionally, he is a fatalist, often lamenting his misfortunes and begrudging the circumstances of life that keep him down or impede him. He does not hesitate to tally the forces arrayed against him, the flaws in a plan, or the risks of any given course.

In impulse and action, though, he is a problem solver. His careful tally of the obstacles is in service to the use of every resource and idea at his disposal. He views the vagaries of life as a puzzle to be solved, and thinks very carefully about strategic context. He does not like to lose.

In conversation and debate, he can be longwinded and somewhat hard to bear. When he is not merely taciturn, he gently grates with a combination of his acidic pessimism and his careful, exhaustive analysis of everyday life. But he can also be insightful and surprisingly empathic, and is especially observant and attentive of others. He has mastered the art of the thoughtful gift, the small gesture that can sometimes make up for his lack of overt charisma, and he has a seemingly limitless endurance for the grousing of others, endearing him to almost anyone who feels they work too hard with at least one beer in them.

In private, he is a voracious reader, absorbing trashy literature alongside texts on philosophy, his academic interest ignited as he infiltrated the school. He has, by necessity, shed his habit of extending contractions, but he takes out his linguistic ire on truncated idioms, whose meanings are often reversed by omission.


Jack of all trades and master of none, but oftentimes better than master of one.

In anticipation of the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Clan Snow Raven looked further forward than the other, more aggressively placed Clans. With a more careful reading of the reports from Wolf's Dragoons than most, they anticipated difficulties that they (and other clans) would face during Operation REVIVAL. The necessity of holding vast swathes of territory in the wake of the siezing of Terra and the conquest of the Inner Sphere would require formations of Mechwarriors with significantly deeper strategic reserves, and careful coordination of Second-Line troops with Front-Line command elements.

With the strategy in mind to win swathes of the Inner Sphere with strategic Trials of Possession against thinly spread second-line Crusader forces, a new breed of Mechwarrior was envisioned. A sibko was formed of mixed Naval and Mechwarrior stock, intermixing bloodlines in an attempt to birth a generation of true Officers. Autonomous, strategically adept, and independent, they were extensively cross-trained and given an experimental, accelerated academic cirricula from early in the creché.

The growth of the sibko was promising, but they were, as a group, ornery, independent, and mischievous. The Khan and the Scientists saw this as a sign of intelligence and initiative. Unfortunately, as a result of their unfocused education, every single one washed out of their Trial of Position. Desperate to save face, the instructors picked out Paul, whose 'Mech was disabled simultaneously with that of his target, and brought to the Houses a decree that he had qualified as a Mechwarrior.

His status was provisional, and the debate among the Raven Bloodnamed was fierce, but the political burden was too great. Paul's provisional Warrior status remained on the books, even as he was educated and served in the duties of a Technician. A gruesome Trial of Grievance over his status effectively closed the matter, with most Ravens believing he had died of his injuries.

He had, though, been shuffled into the Snow Raven Watch, along with a handful of his Sibko. Their extensive academic training, broad base of skills, and uniquely neutral appearances as a result of their unconventional Blood Heritages would easily allow them to pass in many roles in Clan society, from solhama to dropship technicians to even Scientist trainees.

Paul found himself deployed as a shuttle pilot aboard a Clan Ghost Bear hospital dropship during Operation REVIVAL. Gathering intelligence on second-line formations, deployment, and tactics with his keen eye on his sensor arrays, he also gathered information on the disposition and culture of the Inner Sphere. Though his perspective was colored by the rather bedraggled Rasalhague, he sensed early in the conflict that things would not go as the Clans expected.

With the Truce of Tukkayid, Paul found himself rapidly redeployed. With the Clan pushing on a covert entry into the Inner Sphere through the Outworlds Alliance, he went ahead to Alpheratz under the cover of a war refugee from Prinis Prime. There, he infiltrated the ASPE, the Alpheratz School of Practical Engineering, which had important relationships with the AMC and Mountain Wolf Battlemechs and Alliance Defenders Limited, the chief military suppliers of Battlemechs to the Alliance.

In a fixed place for the first time since his Sibko, Paul found himself bonding with the students and faculty at ASPE. Though he has few close friends, his constant cultural befuddlement and ruthless critique also made him a favorite with the student body. Though he filed his reports diligently, he breathed a sigh of relief when he received news that the conflict with the Alliance had shifted from military to political. He would have felt deeply uncomfortable betraying the people who had given him some measure of trust and friendship, and he admired the strange and rugged and meritocratic culture of the Spheroids' institution.

Paul is, however, certain that some Intelligence sharing arrangement had revealed him, as he was drafted as an assistant and pilot for the ASPE Solaris Stable, and found himself shipped off with some promising engineering students and faculty and a few too-eager pilots, and several hundred tons of extremely unsafe components. The Watch saw this as an opportunity - Solaris was not only a hub for military manufacturers and mercenaries, it was also a destination for the political and economic elite, many of whom liked to glad-hand with all sorts of teams.

Paul serves the ASPE Stable (The Knights of the Fragged Table) as both an instructor and test pilot. He is viewed with some awe by the team, who (being students with little combat experience outside of simulators) see his piloting skills as exceptional, and who cling together as a passel of academics and engineers in the cutthroat world of money and sports politics. Paul sticks close to the team himself. Though quite liberal as far as Clanners go, the crass commercialism and glorification of violence on Solaris leave a deep and sour taste in his mouth.


Paul wears a sophisticated climate control jacket designed by the ASPE, which offers modest protection from handheld weapons. He carries a small set of electronic and mechanical tools in a pouch on his belt, under which is concealed a laser derringer. He also has a pair of false reading spectacles with a hidden camera and microphone. In the wake of the sudden rioting, he laid his hands on the nearest long arm, a break-action, over-and-under shotgun, with which he can claim only limited proficiency. He has taken to carrying a combat knife in the increasingly dangerous streets, a weapon with which he is significantly more deadly if he can get to grips.


Faction: Paul ultimately serves Clan Snow Raven as a member of the Watch. However, he is genuinely committed to his cover, as an associate professor of ASPE. He is unsure of his relationship with the OAI, not privy to how closely they are working both with and against the Watch.

Warrior (Provisional, Clan Snow Raven.)
Agent (Clan Snow Raven Watch)
Associate Professor of Aviation and Mechanized Operation (Alpheratz School of Practical Engineering)

Service record:
Able Crewman (CSR White Cloud; 3044-3048)
Hospital Shuttle Bosun (In support of Clan Ghost Bear; Operation REVIVAL; 3048-3052)
Signals Analyst (Clan Snow Raven Beta Galaxy; 3052-3056)
Field Agent (Clan Snow Raven Watch; 3056-Present)
Graduate Student (Alpheratz School of Practical Engineering; 3057-3059)
Associate Professor of Aviation and Mechanized Operation (Alpheratz School of Practical Engineering; 3060-Present)
Support Personnel (Knights of the Fragged Table, 3062-Present)

Paul lacks much direct combat experience, but he does regularly perform military exercises with Alliance cadets as part of his normal duties.


'Mech: A bit of a parade piece and a draw to investors into Mountain Wolf Battlemechs and Alliance Defenders Limited, and the mascot of the ASPE, is an extraordinary find - a Phoenix Hawk LAM. Flown mostly in exhibitions for wealthy potential patrons, it was for almost a century locked into Aerospace mode by several cascade failures. It is a perpetual project passed from professors to students, who become professors themselves. This season, with the grace of Cameron, the team has managed to get it partially functional.

Its battlemech mode works almost flawlessly, and (with some assistance from a crane and a few hammers), the team is able to physically reconfigure it into its other modes, but repairs and calibration of the gyro, and some leaks in the dynamic fusion bottle prevent the igniting of the primary ignition system outside of effectively laboratory conditions, make the other modes functionally inoperable. The team is confident, though, they can get the Airmech mode functional by the end of the season, and ambitiously hope to escort the next year's team in formation from high orbit.

As the only member of the Knights of the Fragged Table with training in both 'Mech operation and aerospace craft, Paul has found himself the wide-eyed pilot of this centuries-old machine held together with baling wire and the sweat and tears of grad students, running demonstrations for the ultra-wealthy and elite being courted by military manufacturers. The state of affairs is enough to make him sick, but he at least saves the drinking for after the shows.

Battlemech name: She's often called "The Rattler" by the stable, less for her nimble striking power and more for the deeply disturbing noises that come from deep in the chassis during hard maneuvers.


Phoenix Hawk LAM PHX-HK2
Base Tech Level: Experimental (IS)
Level Era
Experimental -
Advanced 2701+
Standard -
Extinct 3085+
Tech Rating: D/D-E-F-X

Weight: 50 tons
BV: 1,555
Cost: 4,416,875 C-bills
Source: TRO3085
Role: Striker

Movement: 5/8/5
AirMech: 2/3/15/23
Fighter: 5/8
Engine: 250
Heat Sinks: 12
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 83
Armor: 128/169
Head 3/6
Center Torso 16/23
Center Torso (rear) /5
Right Torso 12/18
Right Torso (rear) /4
Left Torso 12/18
Left Torso (rear) /4
Right Arm 8/10
Left Arm 8/10
Right Leg 12/15
Left Leg 12/15

Weapons Loc Heat
Medium Laser LA 3
Machine Gun LA 0
Medium Laser RA 3
Machine Gun RA 0
Large Laser RT 8

Ammo Loc Shots
Machine Gun Ammo LT 200

(She be not in Smurfy)

I definitely understand that some aspects of the character might be a bit of a reach and I'm willing to dial it back. "Shoot for the stars and at least hit the trees. Shoot for the trees, and you'll hit the ground..."
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    New York
Hello there! Firstly, I'd like to say that this is a very well written app and seemingly a very interesting character with a good backstory! There are a few issues though that we're going to have to go over. Firstly, the LAM. While a Land Air Mech would be a very cool thing for a character to have, it can't be built in Smurfy, therefore we can't confirm that it can be properly balanced, despite that build being seemingly lore friendly. Also the ability to just suddenly start flying around like an aerospace fighter is kind of a game changer.

There are two potential ways to fix this, either A, have the LAM's flight systems be nonfunctional, perhaps with a plotline to restore them later down the road (the weapons and armour do seem to be fair and balanced for the most part even without being made in Smurfy) or to just select a different mech. (Keep in mind, if you want to pilot a mech that isn't currently in Smurfy/MWO, you can always select a mech of the same tonnage and put together a build for that!)

Either way though, we're happy to have you here and we hope you enjoy your stay if you do decide to stick with us!
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The LAM is actually the canon PHX-HK2 from TRO 3085 with no modifications, if that makes any difference. I copied the stat block directly from MegaMek Lab. I figure getting it working again was enough of an adventure without trying to modify it. If that's the problem, you're covered.

If the capabilities are the concern, I can try to workshop a solution. If the machine in principle is the issue, I can certainly swap out - like I said, I know I did a few reaches for this character.

Is there a way to break Hardpoints in Smurfy? I was trying.
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Congrats, your Character is APPROVED for RP. An acception has been made for the LAM since it's cannon but not in Smurphy (which would put it at a statistical disadvantage anyway for PBP PVP without the MWO buffs.)
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Moderator Mechwarrior Rating: Inexperienced Clanner
Piloting: 5
Gunnery: 4
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