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Jaida Ebon

Last updated on 4 months ago
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Name: Jaida Ebon “Heinz”

Age: 25

Date of birth: 01.01.3038

Place of birth: Texas Class Battleship/Warship-SLS Bismark

Tends to be quiet and observing her surroundings at most times. Like most of her Tribe, she doesn’t discuss about who they truly are since they are supposed to be dead from the Trials of Annihilation. When part of a group, Jaida will be seen pitching in a hand if things needs to be done around the dropship/mech bays. Like a member born of the clans, Jaida is one of pride and honor. If she is challenged, she always happily obliges the one who was dumb enough to open their mouth. If the people around her doesn’t go about challenging her, then no violence will come forth from it. But during the heat of a mech battle, her heart starts to race and she gets a real big high from it with her senses feeling like they are heightened a bit.

Jaida was trueborn and raised by a Widow, her husband was killed two months prior to her birth while out in the field doing a contract with a Mercenary group when they were ambushed by two forces of Draconis Combine. Being raised in the Minnesota Tribe, she quickly learned that everyone had a role to play in helping the tribe to survive. Learning about their history, even about the time how they were once an honorable and respected Clan known as the Wolverines. When she was fifteen years old, Jaida was taken to where they stored their Battlemechs and Omnimech’s in the Mech Bays. The head mechanic’s began to teach her along with other young members to learn how to fix up mech’s when they were damaged, how to salvage the, and even how to pilot them. Jaida’s mech focus was the Medium tier weight class of mech’s.

At the age of 18 she was recognized as a Mechwarrior amongst her people. Being an equal of her people, she decided to embrace their old ways and tattooed herself. White stripe markings near her eyes and down her neck, across her shoulders and somewhat down her biceps that ended in the form of white triangles with three small black claw marks in the middle of both triangles. Shaving the sides of her head and braiding the rest of her hair into a long knot, she went back to her home and found her mother waiting for her. She was told that her mother was retiring as a Mechwarrior and that Jaida was going to take her place. It was explained that her CRB-27B was going to be her’s so that Jaida can live a life that she once had with her father. Thanking her and hugging her, she was called by the tribes one elder and told Jaida that she was being placed into the 133rd Tribe Recon Unit that is getting ready to move out and for her to hurry up.

Packing her things, she hugged her mother once more since it be a long time until she got to see her again. Rushing, she went running to the dropship that was attached to the Bismarck. Climbing in, her eyes first saw the Medium weight Crab. It’s hand actuators closed to hide the barrels of its four lasers. More and more of her fellow tribe members came onboard the drop ship and it then finally closed all it’s ramps and doors. Dropship R.C.W disembarked off of the Bismarck and moved over to the Jumpship Saratoga and attached to it. The Jumpship broke free from the moving fleet and went to a jump point and eventually made their jump. It was a common scene for her since the fleet was always on the move looking for an actual home for them all to plant new roots. But for now, their task was to salvage what they can and or trade with those of the Inner sphere. Going from world to world, avoiding the wars and conflicts as best as they could, they did their salvaging of mech parts, weapons and traded with different populations.

It wasn’t until 3058 that she saw and tasted Battle. They made their approach to Towne and launched their dropship down at their one Spaceport at Kale Bay on November 27th, 3057. Everything was going well until January of 3058 when an invasion force came raining down from the sky to Port Howard. Reports were quickly coming in from the Capital on the death count as these Draconis Combine forces were killing off whoever stood against them, that included the leaders at the Capital. A Mercenary unit known as the 16th Recon we’re trying to put up a fight against the six regiments with what they had along with what was left of the defense forces. When word that there was mechs in Kale Bay came to the Draconis, they sent out two light Lances to the city. They were met by three light mechs and two medium’s, one of them was Jaida in her Crab. In their cockpits, a message was broadcasted stating that they were now members of the Draconis Combine or they were dead. A reply was given, “Like our ancestors before us, we belong to no one. You are now the prey for our jaws.” And that’s when the 133rd began firing all at once.

The battle took 20 minutes with the two light Lances of mechs destroyed or severely disabled. And like the salvagers that they are, they took the Draconis mech’s back to Kale Bay and had all the techs on hand to repair them. In the months of them being stuck on the planet, they fought along side the defense force and trained some of them to use the mechs that were captured through the battles the 133rd took down. Their resources were starting to dwindle more and more with each engagement with the Dieron Regulars and since fleeing was not an option, they pushed on and dug their heels deep into the city repelling different attacks and even rescuing a civilian convoy that was being chased down by a few Lances made of tanks and mechs. When the day came that they all saw the public execution of the supposed “Rogue Draconis Combine Military Leader”, all the fighting ended. What was left of the enemy forces had taken orbit and left the system as fast as they could. Trading what could be traded, the 133rd was even given a reward for their bravery of helping those that couldn’t defend themselves against all odds with the invasion. Upon finishing their preparations, they loaded up the R.C.W Dropship and the engines went full throttle cutting a path through the atmosphere and into the voids of space. It reconnected with the Saratoga and the Jumpship left.

During their travels in the month of June, an urgent message with a contract came through. It was from a small colony on the out skirts of the Inner Sphere from the planet know as Wynn’s Roost. They were asking for assistance from the 133rd to train them so that they could defend themselves with a sensitive matter that they wish not to talk about over message or over an open contract. Sending a reply, the 133rd accepted the contract and changed their course. Making their jumps and stops through Federated Suns system, it was better then them going through the Draconis Combine/ Kuritan space since their ships had been seen there once before, a time Jaida hadn’t seen since her Clan attacked those that came for them. They were trained while they were young that they were by no circumstances to be captured. Through killing themselves they were able to hold their honor and the honor of the Clan would be kept. 6 months is how long it took for them to reach the Planet and it was now December. With all their gear prepared and ready, the R.C.W undid the docking collars and cut its path to the coordinates of the colony. As they were coming down to land with its landing gear out, she could see from the window a crowd of people starting to form st the outskirts of their colony watching them coming down. Once they landed and began unloading, the two group’s leaders met outside of the colony. It was told that the situation had become worse since their last message that they sent, telling how a group of pirates calling themselves the Red Corsairs were raiding them of supplies, gear or whatever they can get their hands on. The two star commanders broke the news to the rest of what they needed to do.

Debriefing was at 1730 hours, the pilots of the Star that Jaida was part of was told that they will be heading out at 2300 hours to do a night time recon of the area and try to find any trace of where the Pirates that were on the planet could be. They weren’t to engage any units unless circumstances called for it. The locals had told them that these pirates, these so called ‘Red Corsairs’ were using a mixture of light and medium mechs. Stating how vicious these pirates were by killing anyone who stood up against and building being destroyed when people refused to give them what they wanted. Silence filled the area of the meeting. When there was no questions or comments, everyone was dismissed. Moving to their mech’s and taking them out of their mothball states. The first mech to leave the mechbay was the star’s commanders Archer followed by the Mercury ll and then Jaida and her Crab. As the Mechwarrior’s were getting ready, those that weren’t going to be heading out began to form a perimeter and was helping the civilians to defend themselves by teaching them how to use firearms. The two stars took formation around the colony as silent sentinels. The ones that were able to hide behind buildings, they powered down and listened to their comm’s in case anyone tried to attack the civilians. Time seemed to go by them slowly as each of the warriors watched the time ticking down until they were to go out for their night time recon. Once 2300 hours ticked over, the three light and two medium mechs powered up and began to move out.

Twenty minutes of searching and not finding any traces of this pirate force, fate decided to have them both run into each other in an open field. A message from the Corsair ps scout lance radioed to them to power down their mechs and to leave it that they now belonged to the Red Corsairs, or they will die. A deep warhorn rung forth from the 133rd as they prepared for battle. They couldn’t let the rest of the Corsairs to know that their was another force on the planet with mechs. With weapons live, the battle begun with the 133rd opening up with everything they had. The darkness around lit up with the flashes of weapons firing and the explosions against the mechs. The pirate force engaged as well for a short while, but realized that they were out matched. They turned their weapons off and went full out sprinting with the 133rd quickly trying to chase after them and getting a couple of pot shots on them before they were fully out of their range and lost their tracks. After two extra hours of searching, they didn’t find anything else of them. When they returned to base, they debriefed their commanders and suggested that they tighten their defenses.

Two days after their night time encounter, their radar confirmed contacts moving in towards their position, and they had ten targets charging in at them. With their mech’s ready, the two stars came out of their base and charged in at the Red Corsairs which began the next engagement. Lasers, missiles, Ballistic rounds were cutting the air around them as they all clashed against each other. The heavy fire fight was causing damage to pile up on either side of this battle and they both were countering each other’s moves as if they had the same sort of training. Some of the Red Corsairs were making their mech’s move like how a Trueborn would in the pilot seat. Jaida and four of her clan members began to see their armors going from green to orange and needed this battle to end soon or their mech’s might become disabled and unable to fight any longer. Talking to each other, Jaida began naming targets to focus on and one of them was a Hunchback 4N with an AC10. The five mech’s opened up on it. Without hesitation, the combined firing blasted through the center and right torso, hitting the ammo rack causing an explosion. Shifting targets, their focus fire then went to a Locust who was trying to flank the other star. Jaida’s lasers destroyed it’s rear facing armor that allowed missiles from a LRM 10 to strike home on the insides of the Locust. The enemy light mech skidded on it’s one foot before falling forward. The third mech that they focused on was a Griffin who was starting to steam. As they began to fire into it, the Red Corsairs were slowly losing ground and was falling back. The Red Griffin was starting g to glow and then stopped in it’s tracks. It had overheated and everyone from the two stars fired into it causing the Griffin to explode in a fiery ball of flames with its carcass hitting the ground. Those that were still able to fight and run tried to give chase, but lost them.

Upon getting back to their dropship, all the heavily damaged units were repaired first replacing weapons and other parts such as arms and armor. When Jaida and her star came walking back into the dropship and into their bays, they quickly gotten out and began to let their machines to cool off and fix the damage done to them. With all hands on deck making repairs, it took them two days to get all ten mechs fully fixed. Once they all were ready, the Mechwarriors powered up their mechs and went out hunting for the pirates. If they were open to come and attack them on their doorstep, then the 133rd was going to repay the favor. It didn’t take long for them to find their tracks and followed it all the way to the pirates base. Hiding in the tree line, they powered down their mechs and kept an eye them. Their last transmission between each other was that they will power up at 2100 hours and begin their assault. And once that time came around, they powered up and broke through the tree line, firing at everything that made up the base. Slowly advancing towards the pirate base, the mechs that managed to get out of their bays were the first to be destroyed along with the buildings of their base. What was left of the Corsairs who didn’t engage in the fight grabbed what they could and made a run for their dropship. After an hour of going through the base and killing off stragglers, they all seen the pirates dropship flying up through the sky and into orbit. With the battle now over, they began to go through what was left and standing only to find out that these so called pirates were actually one of their old sworn enemies, members of Clan Jade Falcon.

Returning to base, they repaired what was needed and told the leaders of the colony the pirates were defeated and fled from the planet. A small reward was given to them which wasn’t much, most of the reward was supplies of food and fresh water. They didn’t have much money to be able to give since not many land on the planet to trade. The 133rd left them Mech manual’s for them since there was some mech’s they could salvage and use across the colony. With that, the dropship R.C.W blasted off and took orbit, hooking back up with Jumpship Saratoga they all left the system heading back to the fleet. Off loading the supplies and gear that they picked from either people that they met, salvaging from distant battlefields to battles that they were part of. Upon reaching the fleet and offloading their bounty to their clan, Jaida’s “mom” came to her with a piece of paper telling her if Jaida wanted to make extra money or to have her own adventures, to contact a distant relative, a great uncle of her’s, who worked for a Mercenary group known as Hammerstrike. She was told when filing out the contract was to put in at the end of her name of Heinz to show that they are related. With that in her head and taking the paper and stuffing it into her one pocket, the 133rd got ready to leave again. Their down time was only one day, and after that day, they left again heading back for the Inner Sphere. Years went by with the thought in the back of her head coming up every now and then.

In the year 3063, she decided that she wanted more of her life then just doing supply and salvage runs. Willing her commanding officer that she was going to break away and going to hook up with Hammerstrike on the of Solaris. She was told that it was alright and when she was ready to be picked up was to send a message to them and they will come and pick her up. Saratoga changed course and went to Solaris. With all her belongings packed her things in her Crab. The dropship unhooked and went to the city where all of the major Merc groups were. Upon landing and everyone doing things as if it was a normal day, Jaida powered up her mech and began to walk it out of the dropship and into the rain. She was now looking for her distant relative for work. This is where we pick up on her story as a Mercenary Mechwarrior.

Cooling vest
Laser Rifle
Codex Bracelet
Combat armor
3 throwing knives


Minnesota Tribe (The Remnants of Clan Wolverine)
Mechwarrior/Tech/Mercenary for hire

Rank: Mechwarrior

Service record:
3053-55; Trained to be a Mech Tech and a Mechwarrior.
Ellen Ebon (mother) retires and gives her CRB-27B mech to Jaida upon her being recognized as a new Mechwarrior in the Tribe.

3056; Is placed in the Trading/Salvage Ship to the I.S. as one of the guards in one of the two Stars, The 133rd Tribe Recon. Assigned to the Jumpship SLS Saratoga.

3057; November 27th, Jumpship Saratoga comes out of Jump point near the planet Towne.
December 9th, Saratoga drops Dropship “R.C.W” which lands at the space port at the city of Kale Bay.

3058; January, Fifteenth Dieron Regulars invades Towne with Six regiments and shortly takes control of the Capital of Towne, Port Howard.

January 18th, Jaida’s light star unit “133rd Tribe Recon” (consisting of 3 light mechs and two medium mechs) engages against two light lances from the Six Regiments of the 15th Dieron Regulars resulting in the destruction of the two light lances.

February 3rd, Draconis Company attack’s Kale Bay with one light lance and two medium Lances. Battles erupt a quarter of the way through the city when two light stars come forth with some of the cities Defense force combat vehicles intercepting the Draconis.

Feburuary 7th, The 133rd along with the cities defense force pushes Draconis forces out of the City.

February 29th, 133rd Tribe Recon rescues a convoy of refugees from Port Howard that was being pursued by two Lances of Combat vehicles. The majority of enemy combat vehicles were destroyed with the exception of one SRM Carrier that fled from battle.

February 30th-March 3rd, Trains Defense force to be mechwarriors and repairs the captured enemy mechs.

March 5th, Dieron Regulars sends five Lances (three lights in which two of them were tank Lances with one mech lance and two medium Mech Lances).
133rd Responds to a distress call from the convoy and engages the enemy forces, buying time for the civilians to flee and make it to the safety of Kale Bay’s defensive perimeter. The 133rd were able to repel the enemy forces, but two of their light mechs and one of their medium mechs were damaged to the point that they were crippled. They were able to get them back to the mech bays and repaired.

April 4th, a live feed from the capital shows the execution of Dieron Regulars Leader and ending the invasion. The remains of the Draconis forces packed up and fled the system.

April 20th, After all repairs, resupplying, and even rewarded a bit for their assistance the Dropship takes off and reconnects to the Jumpship Saratoga.

3058; June 12th, is contracted by a colony on Wynn’s Roost to help with a delicate matter. The contract was accepted since the colony was at first requesting to be trained.

June 24th, Begins the jump sequence and process of other jumps for the next six months.

December 24th, Arrives at the Planet Wynn’s Roost. Saratoga Commander drops Dropship R.C.W. Upon landing, they are met by a group of locals who are frantic and explains the current situation. The training mission had then turned into a defend/ search and destroy mission against a band of pirates calling themselves “The Red Corsairs”.
2300 hours, 133rd Recon goes out on a patrol at the last seen location of the pirates. After twenty minutes of searching, a Battle erupts between the 133rd and the Red Corsairs Scout Lance ending up with the Red Corsairs fleeing from battle. The 133rd gives chase after the fleeing pirates until they had lost track of where they went.

December 26th, Red Corsair attack the 133rd’s base of operations full force and is met by the full force of the 133rd Recon’s two stars. Each side having ten units mixed of medium and light mechs. Both sides were suffering over 50% of damage to all of the units. The Red Corsairs after losing three of their mechs from concentrated fire, fled.

December 28th, 133rd tracks down where the Red Corsairs were hiding and had their base. Hiding in the tree lines, the 133rd powered down their mechs using the thick and big trees as their camouflage and waited for it to get dark as they observed them.
2100 hours, 133rd powered up their mech’s and charged in firing everything they had. The Red Corsairs were taken by surprise when the ten units came forth and attacked their hidden base. A handful of the pirates were killed, but the remaining pirates gathered up and fled. Hours later, a dropship with the Corsairs logo on it takes off from the planet going to space. Upon searching the dead, they found evidence that these pirates weren’t truly pirates, but a group of Jade Falcon members pretending to be pirates.

December 30th, The 133rd loads up on their dropship and takes off. Upon connecting with the Saratoga, the Jumpship leaves the system heading through the federated suns systems heading back towards the fleet to drop off their supplies while they repaired the damages to their mechs.

Combat Confirmed Destroys/Kills: 16



'Mech: Crab (CRB-27B, has replaced the Shield for the claws for Hand Actuators for both arms)

Battlemech name: Seyla

Loadout: https://mwo.smurfy-net.de/mechlab#i=3...48ae4a712c
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Moderator Mechwarrior Rating: Clanner
Piloting: 4
Gunnery: 3
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