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Risky's Business

Last updated on 4 months ago
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    Los Angeles


Name: Her call sign is Risky. Her given name is Xochitl, but no one can say it and she's sick of hearing people fuck it up, so when people ask her what her name is, she invariably just responds with "Risky." She's never considered her surname important enough to remember.

Age: 24

Date of birth: 3039

Place of birth: Somewhere in the Periphery; likely a Canopian backwater.

Personality: Xochitl's been fighting her own personal wars her entire life. Sometimes she wonders if fighting comes naturally to her, or if she just does it because she's always done it. Not often, though. Risky feels most comfortable when she's fighting, and that should be enough for her. Except, lately, she's been feeling maybe it's not. Maybe there's more to life than the desperate rise and fall of 35 tons of an endosteel chassis traveling upwards of 100 kph. Something more than the resonant hum, followed by the acrid smell of ozone, and the burst of intense heat that fills her cockpit after she fires all six of her lasers. The way iron sings as two behemoths struggle in the melee...

It is imperative to her that you think that this is what she lives for.

History: Xochitl was raised on the streets in a backwater somewhere in the Magistocracy. She found a family in a local street gang. The leader of the gang, Tobias was just a few years older than Xochitl. It would be a stretch to call him a father figure, but Tobias was the closest person that she had in that regard. When she was fourteen, a pirate crew that recently came into good fortunes landed on her little backwater. They sent representatives to all the street gangs and underground types they could find, and spread the word: "Join Us".

((There are some details as to how she actually came about that pirate crew, but I wrote three paragraphs about it and it's not interesting so I deleted it. I will go into that when I have time to crunch it down and make it more succinct.))

So she did. And she did very well. At first, she helped where she could. Working was by no means necessary, you weren't a slave, but shit did have to get done. And it was understood by at least *most* of the crew that the more shit that got done, the better things turned out for everyone. So she did everything she could. Being off-plant, being on ships, being around mechs, and weapons, and hardened fighters, it was all so different to her. She learned what she could, and she loved every moment of it. Xochitl was thriving. She wasn't allowed to pilot her first mech until she was close to nineteen. Even then, it was rare in the crew to give a mech to someone so young. The first mech she piloted was an JR7-D, which is where she learned how to be evasive, and how to get in and out of combat. When to strike, and when to retreat. A year later, she was gifted* a FS9-H by her pirate brigade; as payment for services rendered. She kept operating in missions with the JR7-D until she felt comfortable with her FS9-H. By the time she fielded her Firestarter, she had been piloting it for roughly 6 months. Actual combat was, of course different than her drills, but she did exceedingly well in her first drop. And in her second drop, and her third...and so on.

After nearly 10 years with her pirate crew, and the only real family she's ever had, disaster struck and she left her crew, taking her beloved mech with her.

But this is long enough, and a girl's gotta have her secrets. If you wanna know more, you'll have to ask her. (This is a stupid cop-out, I'm still on the fence about how this happened, and will figure it out later Cool)

  1. Recreational, High dose Stimpatch x4
  2. Boring, Low dose Stimpatch x4
  3. Basic && Vibro Lockpicks
  4. Makeup Kit
  5. Lappy Toppy
  6. Electronic cOdEbr34kEr, Advanced
  7. Vegetarian combat ration
  8. One liter water canteen
  9. Cigarettes & One (1) Lighty Boi
  10. Cooling Vest (In Mech)
  11. Flak Vest (Dismounted)
  13. Monster Energy
  14. Replica Webley Revolver that she can't find ammo for.
  15. CLS bag (In Mech cockpit)
  16. kindle brand e-reader just lousy with trashy romance novels


Faction: larceny[dot]biz (formerly), currently Independent

Rank: lmfao

Service record: Thicc



Battlemech name: BEDLAM

Loadout: BEDLAM
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Character approved.
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Moderator Mechwarrior Rating: Regular
Piloting: 5
Gunnery: 4
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