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Senior Mechwarrior Dietrich Heinz

Last updated on 4 months ago
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Name: Dietrich “Castle” Heinz

Age: 73

Date of birth: 06/23/2990

Place of birth: “Lyran Commonwealth, Corridan lV”

Dietrich is mostly quiet now a days unless he is talked to or is asked something. When he is pushed to becoming annoyed, he will become insulting and his quiet nature will subside as he will become loud from him starting to yell. While he is annoyed, Dietrich would bring up his times in The Third Succession War where he and quoting him from a similar incident, “While you were sucking on your thumb, I was fighting for my survival! I watched my friends die face first in the mud!” Now, If one was to anger him to the point his face is turning a bit red, then he will be seen pulling out a shotgun and will be ready to shoot. Hammerstrike’s one founder and head Tech has a respect to those that are Squad members or is a member of the Merc Group, but he will joke about or will insult people, it all depends on the person he is talking to.

Dietrich doesn’t remember much of his childhood except for being raised in an orphanage cause the birth parents he had were dead when he was just a toddler. Like the other orphans, his parents died when Corridan lV was attacked by the Draconis. Thinking he was born there and having no real documents on him, he was named Dietrich Heinz. When the outpost was being rebuilt, it was life as usual. Everyone had their part to do in helping, even the children had their part with it delivering messages or delivering tools requested. You didn’t work, you didn’t eat. Those were the rules he had to live by until the outpost was finished. While rebuilding their lives, Dietrich hung around the soldiers and Mech Pilots since he showed a great interest in joining the military one day. He watched as they fixed mechs and vehicles that were damaged, salvaging useful parts, cleaning the weapons and even helped when he could. A child could reach where adults couldn’t.

At the age of 16, Dietrich enlisted by falsifying his age on his documents saying he was 18. He was shoved onto a transport and was shipped out to boot camp. While in boot camp, Dietrich was one to catch onto things fast and even taking things apart and quickly putting it back together like a Laser Rifle to field stripping a Manticore tank. His instructors saw this in young Dietrich. They changed his routines to melee combat training, weapons training, Environment survival (Jungle, Desert and Winter Environments) and Tech training (Both Ground vehicle and Mech). Instead of making friends with the other cadets, Dietrich spent his time reading manuals and even picked up on demolition. It was a useful skill to learn when you needed to sabotage an enemy ground vehicle, Mech or even buildings. When it came to fighting/ sparring, it came natural to him for he kept going until he was on the ground beaten so badly that blinking hurt, or was the one standing as the bloody victor.

After a year went by and his Class graduated, everyone was given where they were going. When Dietrich got his orders, he looked upon the paper and saw he was being transferred over to the 10th Lyran Regulars as a Combat Technician. With his duffel bag over his shoulder, him and a few other privates were loaded up onto a transport and was sent across the stars until they linked up with their respected company’s since the 6th Donegal Guards were ordered to link up with the 10th Regulars so that they both can head out together for their joint mission. After getting settled into their bunks and getting somewhat familiarized with some of the other troops and crew members, they all were called to the mess hall of the Jump ship. Everyone did as ordered with them all going into the mess hall. Some grabbed some food and drinks, like Dietrich, and everyone took their seats as their commanding officers stood at the front. Their orders: Invade Denebola V and hold the planet. Their enemy, House Marik, had a hold of it and had military presence there. It was said that their enemy didn’t have a strong defensive standing there and that both the Regulars and Donegal’s would be able to take hold of the different areas and eventually the planet with in a few months to less then a year. They were so wrong with the intelligence that was given to them.

After the dropship of the 10th Lyran Regulars landed and everyone off loaded at New Bonn on the continent of Neurasia, battles started quickly after the Lyran forces set up their bases of operations and their beach heads. Each battle was a strain on everyone since the fighting was fierce and no one was gaining much ground between the Lyran and Marik Forces. This meant Dietrich was constantly on his feet working to repair the damaged vehicles and mechs and getting them back out as fast as he and the other techs could. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years. It was clear that the intelligence that was given to them was very wrong. House Marik had more Forces then was first estimated and were holding more ground. After two years with their boots on the ground, both sides were at a stand still fighting each other. One day, Dietrich was repairing a Stinger Mech but found that the pilot in the cockpit was dead from severe injuries they had sustained during battle. But the pilot was able to get the mech back to the base before succumbing to his injuries and laid stiff in the seat. Taking the pilot out and removing the helmet, he recognized the person. His name was Wilhem, they both graduated together. He was trained to be a soldier and was a damn good shot. Dietrich called out to everyone around for their help to get the body down and soon, other joined in and carried of their dead. Captain Franz Luthir, the commanding officer of one of the lances known as Eisenwand (Iron Wall) came to the Stinger and told Dietrich to strap into it, that they needed as much Mech’s out their as humanly possible. And this is how Dietrich learned to use a mech, through trial and fire.

Doing as he was ordered, he strapped into the cockpit and began going over the instruments to read out its status. The Stinger had some damage to its Center and left Torso, damage from machine gun fire to the left leg. It wasn’t an ideal mech with damages like this to be sent out again without repairs, but they needed as much firepower out in the field. So powering it fully up, the two Medium Lasers powered up with a slight humming sound. Taking the controls into his hands, the tech had to learn to become a Mechwarrior the old fashion way. After a few attempts, he managed to walk the mech out of the mech bay. Orders came in over their radios as Dietrich was moving to the rest of the Lance. Their mission was to go to an area of Jungle known as Sector 7, 27 miles Northeast from New Bonn and intercepting the enemy force.

Since they weren’t a mercenary Company, they couldn’t decline the mission. With Dietrich taking point since he was the light scout mech, following his nav computer he lead them towards where they needed to be and face the enemy. But something didn’t feel right to Dietrich, and the closer they got the worse the feeling was getting. Following his gut instinct, he jerked the controls to the side to divert his corse off to the right and as he did so, an energy signature came alive and their display hud’s showed the beam from a large laser had fired at where the Stinger was just at. The young corporal had dodged a potential shot that could have knocked him out of the fight since it was aimed right for the head of the mech. Their enemy was sitting in wait for them, and they just barely avoided an ambush. A fire fight erupted in the jungle as more and more energy and heat readings were spotted. Mechs were powering up and joining in the fire fight. Beams of energy, rounds from Autocannons and even machinegun Fire was starting to carve and destroy the trees around them as all units were constantly on the move and firing. Foxtrot’s unit’s broke off into pairs of two’s with Heinz and Roebac going a wide right around the enemies left while Luthir and Herwig broke left to encircle their right side. This caused a pinch move to form as they kept firing. And since Dietrich was green to piloting, a good bit of his shots didn’t hit home from the enemy moving or it ended up with glancing rounds off the sides of the armor of the mechs doing minor damage. A few times though he managed to get a hit on the rear facing areas of a couple of the enemy mechs that were focusing their attention on the Lance Commander and Private Herwig.

This engagement had lasted over 20 minutes. Everyone was taking their licks that was dished out. The Stinger was showing it yellow on his hud. The first mech to succumb to the damage that was piling on was the enemy Centurion with the concentrated fire from the team’s Griffin and Shadow Hawk. The right arm of the Firestarter was blown off from a few shots of the large lasers from the enemy Crab mech. Turning their focus on the Crab, everything was fired upon it as it was starting to chase after the Firestarter. When the damage started to rack up on the Crab was when the Crab finally decide to retreat as it turned away and began to full on run from battle. The two enemy stingers began to strife the group to buy the Crab time. Turning his attention to the Stingers, Dietrich began to charge the one that was heading towards the rear of their Squad leader. Running towards it, he intercepted the mech and punched it. From the punch, Dietrich knocked it’s balance off and watched the 3R Stinger fall onto it’s side and tried to recover by placing a hand down onto the ground and was getting up.

But the Stinger wasn’t going to be allowed to get back up when a wave of laser fire came striking its head, ultimately destroying it. What was left of the enemy force retreated with Foxtrot right on their heels until they crossed the Lyran and Marik line. Once the two mechs crossed, everyone stood there for a few moments and realized that they haven’t seen any of the ground vehicles. Captain Luthir ordered for Dietrich and Herwig to go out and look for them. Their task not only was to scout, but to search and destroy. Turning, they both began to do as they were asked. The two mechs stayed about twenty yards from each other to support each other if conflict ensued. After an hour of combing the jungle, the two scout mechs came to the edge of a clearing where they saw the construction vehicles and civilians at work. Their was three Scorpions sitting in a triangular formation around the grounds protecting the civilians. It took little time for the two mechs to dispatch the three light tanks. Now that the military part was taken care of, all that was left was the civilian portion of the mission. Private Herwig killed all the civilians with machinegun fire and with her flamethrowers. Something that is inhumane and a war crime, a war crime Dietrich witnessed.

With Dietrich about to write a report of it and sending it to the higher up. Something that some of the squad didn’t like, especially the second in command officer, Sgt. Roebac who wanted to be the squads leader. A plan was devised to take out both Sgt. Heinz and Captain Luthir. Out on a patrol run, Dietrich and Luthir went out in their mechs. Dietrich was explaining to him what had happened that the Private didn’t mention in her report about killing the civilians the way she did. When they were starting to head back, Dietrich’s gut feeling came forth and he warned the Captain as an ambush sprang forth. It was four mechs versing two. Their own squad was now attacking them. This battle lasted for over forty minutes with the destruction of Captain Luthir’s Griffin and his death. Dietrich in the Centurion were badly damaged but still fighting, and the severe damage of the Firestarter, the Shadow Hawk and their Stinger. The squad was in full retreat and gotten to the base back before the Centurion limped through the front gates where he was met and arrested by the MP’s. They had reported to the Base commander that Dietrich was a traitor and killed Luthir. That they gotten their to see what Dietrich did, tried to capture him until they were attacked by Marik Forces. Within a few months, he was charged and sentenced to a life sentence.

After a year has went by, Dietrich one day had a visitor. The man was dressed in a military uniform. Senior Captain named Armon Gunthor worked for the Intelligence branch of the Lyran Commonwealth. He explained that he believed that Dietrich was innocent and was looking for a Mechwarrior pilot to help fill in a spot for a Mercenary group called Hammerstrike. When they climbed onto the military transport, sitting in the back in mothball was his old centurion medium mech. It took a few months to reach the Merc group that he would be having a new life with. Being off loaded, he climbed into the Centurion and walked off the transport. A message came in giving him the coordinates to find them. Keeping all his weapons but his AC-10 turned off for now as he began to sprint across the region until he stumbled across a patrol that consisted of two members of the GDL and two members of Hammerstrike. The Archer of the GDL came forth and stated that he was out here on purpose since Senior Captain Gunthor sent him a message stating that Hammerstrike had a new member joining and needed an escort back to base.

Years had went by since he had joined them. At first he was just another Mechwarrior pilot who also worked on everyone’s mech’s. But he then began to become friends with them all and the group kept growing, especially when Kyliss of Canopus joined them. Him and her had gotten very close to each. His sixth sense ability came in hand multiple times and stopped a few assassination attempts to one or more members of their Mech Pilots. One such instance was when their one Mech Tech and Pilot was meeting a contact at a cafe. Dietrich came in to find out more of this contact and felt something was very wrong. Upon looking under their table, he spotted a bomb and shoved Lucy down onto the ground. Flipping the table the other way, he dove on top of her as the bomb then went off. He still has the scar on his back from his armor digging into him from a piece of shrapnel. These injuries had left in bed to recover more then once. They were like family to him, a family that he showed time and time again that he was willing to put his own life on the line for them. Another instance was when Death Commandos were trying to abduct Rick after killing their driver in the middle of the street. Rick was hit by the explosion of one of the suicide bombs and knocked him out in the middle of the street. Dietrich ran from behind cover and dragged him back taking a couple of shots. A bomber came down zip lining down towards them and Dietrich was quick on the draw. What Dietrich didn’t know was that the bomber was holding a dead man’s switch and detonated when the body was a few feet away from Dietrich. They both woke up in a hospital and they both decided to smoke a victory cigar. The group had its high moments with great success, but it also meant that they had their bad moments as well like the time his Centurion was destroyed in battle along with Rick’s Hatchetman on the same mission. Or the time they lost their dropship and most of their mechs. When that happened everyone’s hearts sank. It also caused a deep hatred to form as they wanted revenge.

Hammerstrike had bounced back from the many set backs that slammed them over and over again. Getting a new dropship and hiring more pilots, this allowed for the main founders to not having to jump into a mech for a while and do other tasks around. More so Dietrich cause he was their Head Tech in the Mech bays. But when they needed their best strapped into a mech for a battle, Dietrich was always ready and had his mech prepped and set. At the age of 48, Kyliss came to him while Dietrich was in the Mechbay of the rented dropship working on his Medium Mech Turm (A Hunchback 4N) and pulled him off to the side to tell him that she was pregnant. It was a happy time for him. With the pregnancy, this caused for Kyliss to be out of the cockpit and from time to time, Dietrich would also have to be out of commission to help Kyliss. But to make up for him not being in combat, he spent most nights working on the most important of mechs/projects. One year later, their daughter Imiria was born onboard the dropship while in transit to their next destination. Everyone then became known as either uncle or aunt to her as she grew up. She had many mentors for her to learn from, one of them being her dad showing her first the ways of being a tech and even taught her Lyran style self defense so she can hold her own in a fight.

As time went on, Dietrich began spending less and less time in a mech and more in showing someone new the ropes as to how they do things, training new mech tech’s and would be Mechwarrior Pilots. At the age of 73, Dietrich and the company are now on Solaris Vll. Told that they would be able to find work there. All they found so far was riots forming and then dispersing as fast as they were formed. With his wife and daughter, they would be seen either patrolling the area that their dropship is, or they are seen walking around the cities like any other family that carries military grade armor, weapons and other gear that they gotten their hands on over the years of fighting across the stars. Most days, Dietrich is found in his office in the Mech Bay Area of the dropship going over part orders, training and work schedules then on the floor to advise how everyone is doing. Every now and then he would throw in a hand and begin fixing things that needed to be fixed.

Gyro-rocket pistol
12 gauge combat Shotgun, semi-Auto
Lyran Style Laser Pistol
Two flasks (One with alcohol, the other has water for when he is in a mech)
Tool belt with various tools when he works on the different mechs/ground vehicles/ aerospace fighters/bombers
Cooling Vest
His old military camouflage BDU’s and military boots
Welding glasses
Pack of cigars and a Zippo


Mercenary Company, Hammerstrike
(Has Loyalties to Lyran/ House Steiner and to the Magistracey of Canopus due to his marriage with Kyliss.)

Senior Mechwarrior, Chief of Engineering, 1 of 5 Founders of Hammerstrike

Service record:
3006; Joined the Lyran Commonwealth military and was trained to be a soldier and a Tech.

3007; was assigned to the 10th Lyran Regulars.
The 10th Lyran Regulars and the 6th Donegal Guards are sent to Denebola V to attack and hold the planet.
Lyran Forces engages House Marik Forces.

3009; Due to having no support from other Divisions of the Lyran military, Dietrich was thrown into the cockpit of a Mech to help with fighting and holding new ground since pilots were dying faster then they can hire new ones.
Dietrich begins showing signs of having a 6th sense by warning others of him having a bad feeling before an Ambush or surprise attacks on a convoy he is escorting or is at the base. With this ability it managed to help save lives and kept casualties down low. This gave him much praise from his superiors, but also made him enemies by some of his squad mates.
Promoted to Corporal.

3015; is promoted to the rank of Sergeant and is the 10th Lyran Regulars main Tech for both Ground Vehicles and Mechs. Being trained to fix Aerospace fighters. Upgrades from a Stinger (STG-3G) to the Centurion (CN9-A)

3024; Goes out on a Scouting mission with Squad Leader, Captain Franz Luthir while squad members Sgt. Marcus Roebac, Cpl. Lara Himeler, Cpl. Matthias Roebac, and Pvt. Kirstin Herwig were left at base on standby.
Dietrich returns to base badly damaged after being ambushed and is then arrested by MP’s for supposedly killing his commanding officer and possibly a traitor. Sgt. Roebac is now squad leader.
Convicted of Murdering his commanding officer with Questionable evidence that was given to the court by An Officer of the Lyran Intelligence Division (which was called Loki). Is given life in Lyran Military Prison

3025; Senior Captain Armon Gunthor of Lyran Intelligence pardons Dietrich of his crimes. Transports him to a New forming Mercenary group called Hammerstrike to which was working along side of Grey Death Legion (GDL). Along with him getting out of prison, he was returned his Centurion.
Becomes one of the newest Mech Tech and Ground Tech for Hammerstrike and a founding member of Hammerstrike when the Mercenary Company gotten off the ground and was depending on no one else to show them around the ropes.
{Operations and Missions that Hammerstrike was part of has been deemed Classified. Some restricted to High ranking members of House Steiner, other sensitive information to the Military and Intelligence of the Magistracy of Canopus}



Thunderbolt 5S

Battlemech name:
Bischof (The name derives from the German word for Bishop)

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I don't see an issue with this. History is clearer than before, but still plenty long.
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